The latest cricket matches is this year’s ODI. Already the semi- finals have started. The teams that have sent home are the West- Indies, Australia, England and South Africa. India and Pakistan are the most difficult teams to predict. They can either play very well or very badly. They have managed to come to the semi-finals by now. India have only won the world cup in 1983. Australia have won the world cup three times.

India has a good chance to win the world cup this year if they play very well. They have to compete against Pakistan day-after -tomorrow. Anybody could win this match. Sachin Tendulkar had started playing in ODI  since he was 16 years old. From the day he started playing he was explosive. He joined sometime in 1987,after India won the world cup. He was inspired by Kapil Dev and rest of the team.

Apart from India I like are Ireland , Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I have made a new kind of bowling like the Doosra. I call it the Windmill.




My library

First when I had been getting books I just had a couple of shelves of books. Afterwards I

Began to get more books so I needed a new bookshelf. So I used another one. After using it

for a while ,I had to have a new bookshelf made for me as I had too many books. I used that for some time and still continue to. Now I call it a library and I have to continuasly clean it.  







I hate it when any DVDs get stuck!

Today we were watching a film and it got stuck so many times that I almost started yelling. I was banging my head against a cushion and growling! Next time if the DVD gets stuck again, I’ll probably drive everyone crazy.


Playing chess

Once when I  was holidaying in Mumbai my father had bought me a chess set I first did’nt know how to play chess but my aunt taught me how to. After that I played chess with my father but simply could not beat him. I tried and tried to beat him but simply could not. About a year after that I went to  Pondicherry and my friend D and I played chess with his wooden chess set. I could’nt beat him either.

After my mother had got her new computer I found out it had many games and chess was one of them. This was simply impossible to beat.




Yesterday I was fooling around with the family’s shoes and  tried on my mother’s shoes and found that they fitted perfectly and wore them somewhere

Today my mother tried on my shoes and they fitted perfectly too so we exchanged shoes and we both

laughed a huge amount. After that we went to the station to drop my grandmother on the train to Chennai and came back home.

My grandmother’s Birthday

Before  my grandmother’s birthday had happened on February 4th, me and my mother had gone to the same shop where I bought my beyblade and got a very nice vase over there.  My mother had hid the vase in the boot of the car and the next morning she took it out. At the same time we bought the vase my mother ordered some flowers to come on my grandmother’s birthday. One day when I had some homework to do my mother secretly told me to a card. After I made it she put it away. The next day my grandmother read the cards and opened her present we had lots of fun and ate stawberry soufle.                              

Earth Eagle

I had wanted a beyblade ever since my friends had got them and I had gone to a beyblade party. After I had asked my mother if I could get one she said fine and Icould use my own money that I got as a gift. We went to the shop and asked if they had them. The shopkeeper one week. Before one week got over he called and we went to the shop and he he showed us many beyblades.Me and my mother liked Earth Eagle the most, so we bought that. when we got home I tried it out. It was fantastic. When I went to school the next day I told everyone and they told me it was a good beyblade.

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